Uber And Lyft Preparing To Go Public

Uber is expected to be valued at $120 billion while Lyft could fetch $30 billion.

Lyft Launches $299 Monthly Subscription Plan Across The U.S.

In Lyft’s ideal world, you’ll never drive a car again.

150,000 Motorists Sign Up To Ditch Their Cars For Lyft Alternatives

Lyft is showing just how little the younger generation care about owning cars.

Thinking About Replacing Your Car With A Ride-Hailing Service? It’ll Cost You Twice As Much

The average city dweller would spend $20,118 a year using ride-hailing services.

Driven In Seattle: Uber And Lyft Increased City Traffic By 94 Million Miles

Contrary to popular belief, ride-hailing apps are actually increasing, instead of decreasing, traffic.

Lyft Will Give You $550 To Stop Using Your Car For A Month

Are you willing to give up your personal car? Lyft thinks you are.

New Investment Increases Lyft’s Valuation To Over $15 Billion

Lyft used to be worth just $1 billion compared to Uber’s $40 billion, but things have obviously changed.

Aptiv And Lyft Will Launch Autonomous Fleet In Las Vegas

The fleet will consist of 30 self-driving cars, part of a multiyear agreement.

Lyft Claims Its Ride Service Is Now Carbon Neutral

Lyft will start offsetting its carbon emissions.

Lyft Is Teaming With Used Car Dealerships To Find New Drivers

Its strategy for attracting more drivers includes helping them with their car payments.

Aptiv And Lyft To Bring Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service To CES

Aptiv and Lyft have joined forces to launch a “first-of-its-kind fully automated…

Lyft And NuTonomy Launch Robo-Taxi Service In Boston

Lyft and autonomous driving company nuTonomy has rolled out a fleet of…