Ford And Mahindra Form Joint Venture In India For Emerging Markets

Ford’s new joint venture will build three new SUVs, including a mid-size model based on Mahindra’s platform.

Mahindra Wants To Open A Second Factory In Michigan

The Indian car maker is looking into the former Buick City facility.

Mahindra Roxor Gains A Newly Optional Six-Speed Automatic Gearbox

The automatic costs $3,000 which increases the base price of the Roxor to $18,999.

Ford And Mahindra To Develop A New Mid-Sized SUV For Emerging Markets

The C-segment SUV will ride on a a Mahindra-sourced platform and use Mahindra powertrains.

Ford Looking To Create Joint Ventue With Mahindra In India

Despite sinking more than $2 billion over two decades in India, Ford has just a 3 per cent market share .

All-New Lincoln Crossover Teased, Is One Of 20+ Models Coming In Next Two Years

Ford is also gearing up to launch the Bronco, Baby Bronco and Mustang-inspired electric crossover.

FCA Wins A Round Against Mahindra, But Indians Bullishly Bringing Jeep Clone To Detroit Show

The United States International Trade Commission found the Roxor’s grille is significantly different than the one Chrysler approved a decade ago.

FCA Says Reports Claiming Mahindra Won First Battle To Sell Roxor In U.S. Are False (Updated)

FCA wants to prevent Mahindra from selling the Roxor in the U.S..

Ford And Mahindra To Partner On Engines And Connectivity Solutions

Ford hopes Mahindra will help it crack into the Indian market.

Ford And VW Partnership Talks Heat Up, VW Might Get Its Own Version Of The Ranger

Ford wants to cut costs and might hook up with Volkswagen to achieve its goals.

Mahindra Tries To Block FCA’s Infringement Complaint Against Jeep-like Roxor

Mahindra asks Michigan court to enforce an older design agreement signed with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

FCA Moves To Block Mahindra From Selling Its Jeep-Clone Roxor In The U.S.

The automaker claims the Indian 4×4 is a clone of the original Jeep Willys and infringes on its design.