Aston Martin Vantage Gets Up To 691 HP Thanks To McChip-DKR

The Stage 3 Vantage could probably keep up with a DBS Superleggera for considerably less money.

Tuned Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Is More Powerful Than A Ferrari 488 GTB

With a little help from McChip-DKR, the Giulia Quadrifoglio now has an astounding 680 HP.

MKChip-DKR Bumps Up Mercedes-AMG A35 Slightly With Stage 1 Upgrade

With a new ECU software, the A35 now puts out 336 HP, or 35 more than stock, and can hit 177 mph.

McChip Boosts BMW X5 M50d’s Quad Turbo Engine To 515 HP

The tuner offers two software mods for the X5 M50d straight six diesel, with 470 or 515 HP respectively.

BMW M550d xDrive Gets 508HP Upgrade For Less Than $2k

McChip-DKR is offering not one, but two chip conversions, with either 463 or 508 HP.

Would You Pay $110,000 To Tune Your Old Mercedes-AMG C63 To 818 Horses?

There are other upgrades available, too, including more modest ones for down-to-earth prices.

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