More Than 1.2 Million Nissan And Infiniti Models Recalled Due To Reverse Camera Issues

All affected cars have reversing camera software that can disable the image if the wrong setting is selected.

Nissan Teases GT-R NISMO, Leaf And Armada-Inspired eSports Gaming Chairs To Gauge Fans’ Reactions

Nissan has already invested in this ever-growing industry, and an integral part of it is, of course, gaming chairs.

The UK Now Has More EV Charging Locations Than Gas Stations

Compared to the 8,400 fuel stations, there are currently 9,300 locations for EV car charging in Britain.

Old Ferraris, Jags And Porsches Have Their Engines Swapped For Electric Powertrains

Who would’ve thougt the innards of crashed Leafs and Teslas would finding their way into yesteryear’s supercars…

Nissan And EVgo Add 200 New Fast Chargers To Network Across US

Overall, Nissan and EVgo have installed more than 2,000 quick-chargers since 2010.

2019 Nissan Leaf Finally Hits Australia In Single Trim Level

For now, only the 147 HP version is available, and there’s no word when the Leaf+ might be launched.

New Nissan Leaf E+ Reduces Range Anxiety, But Demands A Compromise

You may get a better range and more power, but you’ll lose out on comfort – plus, it’s more expensive.

2019 Nissan Leaf E+ Launched In The UK With £35,895 Starting Price

The Leaf Plus offers up to 239 miles of range on average, and features a 214 HP electric motor.

Nissan Prepping EV Fleet For 2019 UEFA Champions League Final

Roberto Carlos will deliver the trophy to the Final in a Leaf NISMO RC 2.0 electric racer.

Nissan Estimates Leaf Batteries To Outlive Car By 12 Years

Nissan will need to recover batteries once their shelf life in the EV comes to an end.

Here’s What It’s Like To Own The Nissan Leaf For A Year

The long-term test reveals the ups and downs of actual Leaf ownership.

Nissan Leaf Gets The Autech Makeover In Japan

Autech’s version of the Leaf features exclusive styling updates and will go on sale in Japan next month.