EuroNCAP Puts Automated Driving Systems To The Test

Adaptive cruise control, lane centering and speed assist systems were tested on a total of 10 different cars.

Nissan’s Long-Range 60kWh Leaf To Cost Around $36,000

Production of the new long-range Nissan Leaf will start in January 2019.

Nissan Leaf Is Europe’s Best-Selling EV So Far This Year

The automaker delivered 26,000 Leafs to European customers in the first eight months of 2018.

Nissan Confirms Leaf With 200-Mile-Plus Range Is Coming – Eventually

The long-range Leaf should pack a 60 kWh battery pack with active thermal management .

2019 Nissan Leaf Retains $30,795 Starting Price And 150-Mile Range

The world’s best-selling electric car now comes as standard with Nissan’s semi-autonomous driving system .

These Are The Semifinalists For The 2019 North American Car, Utility And Truck Of The Year

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra will duke it out in the truck category.

Nissan Leaf Nismo Finally Released…. But Only For Japan

Nissan is launching a Leaf Nismo in Japan, sadly without any powertrain enhancements.

2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus Will Have 200 HP, 200+ Mile Range

The long-range Nissan Leaf will be far more capable than the standard model..

This Stadium Is Powered By 148 Nissan Leaf Batteries

Thanks to Nissan, Amsterdam’s Johan Cruijff Arena now features the largest commercial battery array in Europe.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevrolet Bolt vs Nissan Leaf: Which EV Is The Best Package?

Despite them not being direct rivals, it’s interesting to see how the three electric vehicles compare to each other .

Nissan’s Longer Range, 60 kWh Leaf Snapped At Charging Station

Finally, Nissan is bringing a Leaf with a larger battery pack and a 200+-mile range.

Nissan Has Sold 37,000 New Leafs In Europe

European’s are clearly loving the new Nissan Leaf.