Rimac C_Two Development Still On Schedule, Weight Reduction A Priority

Mate Rimac has 200 engineers working full time on his new, ground-breaking electric hypercar.

Pininfarina’s Insane Battista Is An Electric 1,874HP Rocket Gunning For Glory

New Pininfarina Battista puts to shame every hypercar in Geneva with its colossal figures.

Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar Has Its Aerodynamics Put To The Test

After using CFD simulations to determine air flow, every single bodywork surface was modified.

Automobili Pininfarina PF0 To Feature Electric Powertrain From Rimac

The company is also joined by former Porsche and Bugatti engineers .

Rimac’s 1,888 HP C_Two Electric Hypercar Gets New Paintjob, Two Champagne Bottles And Flutes

Rimac brings its hypercar to the West Coast for the first time with the aptly named California Edition.

Rimac Teases C_Two California Edition Ahead Of Today’s Debut In Petersen Museum

Bright blue example of the new Rimac C_Two will be on display this weekend at the Petersen Museum.

Porsche Buys 10 Percent Of Rimac To Help With Future Electric Vehicles

The Croation electric hypercar manufacturer is poised to bring its expertise to bear on Porsche’s future EVs.

Take A Tour Around The Stunning Rimac C_Two Hypercar

Mate Rimac speaks about his latest creation, the jaw-dropping C_Two electric hypercar.

The Rimac Concept_Two Is The Pinup For Future Car Enthusiasts

With futuristic styling, 1,914 hp, and semi-autonomous capability, the Rimac Concept Two is the future of supercars.

Rimac C_Two Almost Sold Out With Buyers Spending Over $600,000 On Options!

Rimac C_Two customers are spending over $600,000 on options.

Pininfarina To Launch A New Hyper-EV, Three Electric Crossovers

The latest word on the street is that Pininfarina is preparing to launch four new electric vehicles.

Topless Rimac C_Two Would Be Perfect For The Summer

The Rimac C_Two doesn’t look half bad with a targa-style removable top.