Audi And Rimac Could Team Up For Electric R8 Successor

The electric supercar could have solid-state batteries and four electric motor that produce around 937 hp.

Bugatti’s Crossover Could Be An All-Electric With Rimac Tech

A new report claims the Bugatti crossover could use Rimac’s electric powertrain with 1850 hp.

Mate Rimac Says He’s Very Impressed With The Porsche Taycan

Porsche owns a 10 per cent stake of Rimac so it’s no surprise that Mate Rimac is singing the praises of the Taycan.

Think Creating A New Car Is Easy? Rimac Demonstrates It’s Anything But

Sketching the design takers a mere 1 percent of total development time – the rest is a long, and arduous, process.

Explore More Of Rimac’s C_Two Hypercar Production Facility

Rimac makes its own carbon fiber, batteries and electric motors – and even supplies them to big boys like Aston Martin and Koenigsegg.

Rimac C_Two Is Now Available In Forza Horizon 4 Game

Gamers can experience the Rimac C_Two and its 1888 hp all-electric powertrain in the virtual world.

Croatian Hypercar Maker Extraordinaire Rimac Shows Us Around Its Facility

Rimac is currently getting ready to commence production of its 1888 hp C_Two electric hypercar.

Will Rimac Deal Lead To An Electric Hypercar From Hyundai?

Can you imagine a world where a 1900 hp electric hypercar from Hyundai exists?.

Hyundai And Kia Team Up With Rimac To Make An Electric Mid-Engine Sports Car

The three companies will work together on the N mid-engined sports car and a high-performance fuel cell.

Rimac C_Two Development Still On Schedule, Weight Reduction A Priority

Mate Rimac has 200 engineers working full time on his new, ground-breaking electric hypercar.

Pininfarina’s Insane Battista Is An Electric 1,874HP Rocket Gunning For Glory

New Pininfarina Battista puts to shame every hypercar in Geneva with its colossal figures.

Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar Has Its Aerodynamics Put To The Test

After using CFD simulations to determine air flow, every single bodywork surface was modified.