Think Creating A New Car Is Easy? Rimac Demonstrates It’s Anything But

Sketching the design takers a mere 1 percent of total development time – the rest is a long, and arduous, process.

Explore More Of Rimac’s C_Two Hypercar Production Facility

Rimac makes its own carbon fiber, batteries and electric motors – and even supplies them to big boys like Aston Martin and Koenigsegg.

Rimac C_Two Is Now Available In Forza Horizon 4 Game

Gamers can experience the Rimac C_Two and its 1888 hp all-electric powertrain in the virtual world.

Croatian Hypercar Maker Extraordinaire Rimac Shows Us Around Its Facility

Rimac is currently getting ready to commence production of its 1888 hp C_Two electric hypercar.

Will Rimac Deal Lead To An Electric Hypercar From Hyundai?

Can you imagine a world where a 1900 hp electric hypercar from Hyundai exists?.

Hyundai And Kia Team Up With Rimac To Make An Electric Mid-Engine Sports Car

The three companies will work together on the N mid-engined sports car and a high-performance fuel cell.

Rimac C_Two Development Still On Schedule, Weight Reduction A Priority

Mate Rimac has 200 engineers working full time on his new, ground-breaking electric hypercar.

Pininfarina’s Insane Battista Is An Electric 1,874HP Rocket Gunning For Glory

New Pininfarina Battista puts to shame every hypercar in Geneva with its colossal figures.

Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar Has Its Aerodynamics Put To The Test

After using CFD simulations to determine air flow, every single bodywork surface was modified.

Automobili Pininfarina PF0 To Feature Electric Powertrain From Rimac

The company is also joined by former Porsche and Bugatti engineers .

Rimac’s 1,888 HP C_Two Electric Hypercar Gets New Paintjob, Two Champagne Bottles And Flutes

Rimac brings its hypercar to the West Coast for the first time with the aptly named California Edition.

Rimac Teases C_Two California Edition Ahead Of Today’s Debut In Petersen Museum

Bright blue example of the new Rimac C_Two will be on display this weekend at the Petersen Museum.