Rivian’s Biggest Battery Pack Will Be A Massive 180kWh Unit With 8000 Cells

Rivian wants to start deliveries of its first production models in roughly 17 months.

Ford Teams Up With Rivian For New Battery Electric Model

Ford will invest $500 million into Rivian, getting access to the EV company’s skateboard platform.

Rivian To Launch Six Models By 2025, Will Build EVs For Others Including Amazon

Rivian has big plans for the future, but the company won’t offer a sedan.

Rivian Promotes The Adventurous Spirit Of The R1S And R1T In New York

Rivian’s electric models will be offered in three versions, with 105-180 kWh batteries and up to 753 hp.

GM And Rivian Talks In Trouble, Might Not End In A Deal

If the talks don’t pan out, GM could be in trouble as it’s next-generation EV tech wasn’t designed to be used on pickups.

The Rivian R1S Looks Good As A Hardcore Off-Roading Machine

The all-electric R1S SUV is still under development, yet Rivian is said to be working on an off-roader as well.

Rivian Patents Intriguing Modular Box Systems For The R1T Pickup

Rivian is developing at least five swapable modules for the bed of its 2020 pickup truck.

Rivian Is Testing Its Skateboard Architecture Under The Bodies Of Ford F-150s

Rivian chose the F-150 because it has almost the same wheelbase as their upcoming all-electric models.

Rivian Files Patent For Removable Auxiliary Battery That Sits In A Pickup’s Bed

The module can supply power to the electric motor and use the car’s cooling system to prevent overheating.

Could These Spy Shots Provide Our First Look At Rivian’s Future Off-Roader?

Rivian’s third model will be more capable off-rioad than both than the R1T and R1S.

Rivian’s Future Seems Brighter After Securing $700M Investment Led By Amazon

Rivian’s two products, the R1T and R1S, are said to deliver up to 400+ miles of range.

Analyst Says Rivian Could End Tesla’s EV Dominance

Will Rivian stick around a rival Tesla for years to come?.