Liberty Walk’s Toyota 86 And Subaru BRZ Are Ready For Tokyo Drift

Toyobaru’s 86/BRZ duo has welcomed a tuning job from Japan’s Liberty Walk.

Subaru Tells Us A Next-Gen BRZ Is Definitely Going To Happen

Just like Toyota, Subaru confirmed their sports coupe will live on, dismissing reports that suggested otherwise.

Toyota Debunks Rumors That 86 Coupe Will Be Axed From Range

Rumors about the 86’s demise from Toyota’s line up have been greatly exaggerated – and that’s official .

Are We In The Golden Age Of Badge Engineering?

BMWs masquerading as Toyotas is just the tip of the iceberg.

Japan’s Veilside Is Working On A Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ Bodykit

The finished item might be displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon in mid-January.

Subarette BRZ V8 Makes A Scene In Monaco

The Corvette engine reportedly makes 580 PS and 912 Nm of torque in this Brill Steel-tuned Subaru BRZ.

Badgeless Subaru BRZ Prototype With Aero Updates Spotted At The ‘Ring

The BRZ might get improved aerodynamics, but a power increase is out of the question until the next gen.

2019 Subaru BRZ Gets Minor Price Hike, New Series.Gray Special Edition

The BRZ Series.Gray features a unique paint job and a performance package with Brembo brakes.

2019 Subaru BRZ Bows In Japan With Aerodynamic Changes And Suspension Updates

The updated Subaru BRZ has been unveiled and the changes are incredibly minor.

Ferraris Beware: Someone Stuffed A 580 PS V8 Into This Subaru BRZ

Instead of going for a supercharger kit, this owner decided to fit the compact coupe with an LS3 unit.

How To Channel Your Inner Rally Driver At Subaru’s Winter Experience

Getting sideways on a frozen lake is something every enthusiast should experience.

How About A Toyota 86 From Liberty Walk?

Liberty Walk has applied its trademark wide-body styling tune to the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.