Tata Nano Driven In The U.S., And It’s Even Worse Than You Think

It’s an overly used phrase, but you’re better off walking than driving the Nano, aka the world’s cheapest car.

Tata Says Jaguar Land Rover Should Pursue New Partnerships

Tata says it is open for JLR to cooperate with other automakers in electrification and autonomous tech.

Jaguar Land Rover CEO Says The Automaker Is NOT For Sale

The two British automakers will remain under the ownership of Tata – at least for the foreseeable future.

Tata Motors Adamant It Won’t Sell Jaguar Land Rover To PSA Group

Tata Motors insists it is remaining committed to JLR despite the British brands’ 2018 losses .

PSA Group Is Open To Add Jaguar Land Rover To Its Portfolio

While PSA’s boss said his company is open to a merger or acquisition, Tata says JLR isn’t for sale.

Tata Motors Unveils Altroz Supermini And H2X Concept

The Indian automaker showcased both the Altroz as well as the Altroz EV in Geneva.

Tata Motors Denies Report Claiming It Could Sell Jaguar And Land Rover

The Indian conglomerate are indeed trying to find a solution for JLR, but selling it outright is not an option.

Tata Motors Reaffirms Its Commitment To Jaguar Land Rover

The Indian parent company has already devised two plans to return JLR to profitability .

2019 Harrier Based On Land Rover Discovery Is The First Tata You Might Actually Want To Buy

Modern design combined with a Land Rover platform and Fiat diesel engine in one coherent package.

Tata Motors Gets Lower Credit Rating Due To Jaguar Land Rover’s Weak Status

Trade tensions between the U.S. and China, as well as worries about Brexit, have resulted in losses for JLR.

Jaguar Land Rover To Skip 2019 Geneva Motor Show To Save Money As Sales Drop

Besides JLR, Ford and Volvo won’t attend the 2019 Geneva Motor Show either.

2020 Tata Harrier SUV Showcases Its JLR Underpinnings, Goes For A Swim

The Harrier uses the same platform as the Land Rover Discover Sport, Jaguar E-Pace and upcoming second-gen Range Rover Evoque.