This Guy 3D-Printed His Own Tesla Cybertruck Scale Model And You Can Too

All it takes is 15 hours of work and plenty of patience, but the final result is impressive.

Tesla Cybertruck Could Get Innovative Electromagnetic Windshield Wiper

The Tesla Cybertruck would be a good candidate for this wiper design thanks to its flat windscreen .

Mexican City’s Police Force Orders 15 Tesla Cybertrucks

The mayor of Ciudad Valles has placed deposits for 10 Dual- and 5 Tri-Motor Cybertrucks.

Will This Widebody Cybertruck Make You Like Tesla’s Pickup?

The Tesla Cybertruck has triggered quite a lot of controversy since being unveiled.

Aussie Safety Body Has Serious Concerns About Tesla’s Cybertruck

ANCAP’s chief executive said the Cybertruck’s shape and stainless steel body could pose a risk to other road users.

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted In Traffic, Looks Like It Just Time Traveled Back To 2019

The Tesla Cybertruck is priced from $39,900, although it’s the $69,900 tri-motor version that’ll hit 60 in 2.9 seconds.

Tesla Cybertruck Police Cruiser Will Fight For Tourists Shots In Dubai

The Dubai police has also added the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S super sedan to its impressive fleet.

Every Tom, Dick And Ferri Is Now Challenging Elon Musk’s Cybertweet Pissing Contest

Oh, please, please Elon, tweet me too! .

BMW Trolls Tesla’s Cybertruck With The Armored X5 Protection VR6

Armored BMW X5’s bulletproof windows come with splinter protection, just in case they get hit “by a metal ball”.

Ford Challenges Tesla To “Apples To Apples” Tug Of War Between F-150 And Cybertruck

Tesla looks to have pitted the Cybertruck against a rear-wheel drive Ford F-150.

Tesla Cybertruck Looks So Easy To Build With LEGO Bricks

This unofficial Tesla Cybertruck set would look right at home in LEGO’s own catalog.

What’s Your Favorite Tesla Cybertruck Meme?

Tesla’s new Cybertruck has already received 200,000 orders. It also received a lot of flak from the interweb.