Motorcyclist Caught Smashing Off Tesla Model 3 Mirror

The Tesla owner says police in California are taking action against the motorcyclist.

Tesla Delivers Around 97,000 Vehicles In Q3, Falls Short Of 100,000 Goal

Tesla has set a target of 360,000- 400,000 vehicles this year, which means it must shift at least 105,00 units in Q4.

AAA Finds Pedestrian Detection Systems Lacking, “Completely Ineffective At Night”

The test found systems in the Accord, Camry, Malibu and Model 3 were pretty ineffective.

Tesla Model 3 Performs Rainy Rescue Using Smart Summon

Tesla’s Smart Summon feature was designed specifically for situations such as this one.

Tesla Wants To Be Building 1,000 Model 3s Weekly In China By The End Of 2019

Shanghai’s Gigafactory 3 will also build battery packs and, while its initial annual capacity will be 250,000 vehicles, it is scheduled to double in the future.

Tesla Model 3 Is Officially The Netherlands’ Best-Selling Car

The Tesla Model 3 dethroned the VW Polo in order to claim top stop in the Dutch market.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Catches Woman Keying Model 3 For No Apparent Reason

The perpetrator caused approximately $2,000 in damage but, unluckily for her, her face was recorded by the Tesla’s cameras.

Driven: 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance Is Charged With Appeal

We finally laid our hands on Tesla’s entry-level model, albeit in top spec, and the experience was unlike any other.

Tesla To Start Chinese Model 3 Production On October 14?

Tesla only broke ground at its Chinese Gigafactory in January, but the first body-in-white Model 3 has already rolled off the assembly line.

Have A Listen At The Tesla Model 3’s Pedestrian Warning Sound

Tesla’s new noisemaker for the Model 3 actually makes two sounds, one for going forward and one for reverse, and they’re (fittingly) futuristic.

Tesla Model 3 Aces IIHS Safety Tests, Nabs Top Safety Pick+ Award

After the Audi E-Tron, the Model 3 has become the second all-electric vehicle to be awarded the highest rating by the American safety institute.

Driver And Passenger Mistake Tesla Model 3 For Their…Hyundai

From a distance, we suppose a white Hyundai and a Tesla Model 3 could look similar….