Tesla Model S Takes Dodge Charger’s Job At Fremont Police Department

The Tesla Model S in question is the 85 version with 265 miles of range per charge.

Tesla Dropping Entry-Level Versions Of The Model S And Model X

If you’re looking for an affordable Tesla not named Model 3, you’d better order by Sunday night.

Family Of Teen Killed In 116mph Model S Crash, Suing Tesla For Negligence

The lawsuit claims a Tesla dealer removed a speed limited and that led to the death of the family’s son.

Self-Driving Tesla Killed Autonomous Promobot In (Cheeky) Hit-And-Run At CES

In what looks like a PR stunt, Promobot went on to tweet Elon Musk about the incident .

Norway Still Tesla’s No.1 European Market, Mostly Thanks To A Rental Company

Netherlands followed in second place, with fewer than 100 cars sold between the two countries.

The Best American Cars, SUVs And Trucks In Consumer Reports’ Rankings

Consumer Reports has complied a list of the best American vehicles and GM wins bragging rights for having the most winners.

Tesla’s Lower Than Expected Model 3 Deliveries, Price Cuts Cause Shares To Fall

Tesla’s shares dropped by over 9 percent after failing to meet year-end estimates.

A Subaru Outback Somehow Mounted A Tesla Model S In LA

The Subaru Outback and Tesla Model S make for a rather odd couple.

Most Porsche Taycan EV Reservations Are From Tesla Owners

More than half of those who pre-ordered the EV are new to the brand – and most conquest sales might come from its direct rival.

Tesla Investigating Model S That Caught Fire After Being Towed

The Tesla Model S owner has been sworn off buying another.

Woman Hilariously Tries To Fill Up Tesla Model S With… Gas!

Apparently, the lady had no idea she was driving an electric car, or else she wouldn’t have stopped at a gas station.

Can The Kia Stinger GT S Beat The Entry-Level Tesla Model S In A Straight Line?

We already know that the Kia Stinger is fast, but is it fast enough to challenge the Model S?.