Tesla Model X Burnt To Ashes On Frozen Vermont Lake

The Model X’s underbelly must have struck a rock or a steel post, which ruptured the battery pack.

Tesla Will Close Many Of Its Stores And Switch To Online Sales

Tesla wants to reduce costs, so it’ll keep just a small number of shops in high-profile locations .

Buy At Your Own Peril: These Are Consumer Reports’ 10 Least Reliable New Cars

Six of 10 are American, while another one is technically German but built in the U.S..

Tesla’s Romance Mode Will Make You Hot Under The Collar

Tesla gets romantic, turns on the fireplace and puts on Marvin Gaye love songs.

Tesla Model X Owner Blames ‘Confused’ Autopilot For Running Off Highway

Tesla will probably investigate this Model X crash.

Tesla Cuts Production Hours For Model S And X To Accommodate The Model 3

Tesla is altering its schedule as it is shifting its focus towards entry level versions of the Model 3.

Careless Tesla Model X Owner Clips His SUV’s Falcon Wing

The Model X’s gullwing-like rear doors are very cool, but inattentive owners keep destroying them.

Orange And The All Black: Meet T Sportline’s Widebody Tesla Model X

The carbon fiber body kit adds more than two inches to the Model X’s overall width.

Tesla Dropping Entry-Level Versions Of The Model S And Model X

If you’re looking for an affordable Tesla not named Model 3, you’d better order by Sunday night.

Norway Still Tesla’s No.1 European Market, Mostly Thanks To A Rental Company

Netherlands followed in second place, with fewer than 100 cars sold between the two countries.

Tesla Drivers Can Easily Tow Away Pickups Blocking Superchargers

If you have a rope handy, you can simply move the offending vehicle with your Tesla.

Tesla’s Lower Than Expected Model 3 Deliveries, Price Cuts Cause Shares To Fall

Tesla’s shares dropped by over 9 percent after failing to meet year-end estimates.