Tesla Drivers Can Easily Tow Away Pickups Blocking Superchargers

If you have a rope handy, you can simply move the offending vehicle with your Tesla.

Tesla’s Lower Than Expected Model 3 Deliveries, Price Cuts Cause Shares To Fall

Tesla’s shares dropped by over 9 percent after failing to meet year-end estimates.

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company Unveils ‘Loop’ Test Tunnel Under LA

Its construction took approximately 18 months and cost Elon Musk’s company almost $10 million.

Can The 707hp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Beat The Tesla Model X P100D?

Can Jeep’s insane Grand Cherokee Trackhawk succeed where the Lamborghini Urus failed?.

Lamborghini Urus Gives It Its All Against The Tesla Model X P100D

The Lamborghini of SUVs and the all-electric flagship Model X were extremely well matched.

Tesla’s Chinese Sales Plummeted By 70 Per Cent In October

China’s trade war with the U.S. and the much higher tariffs imposed made Teslas much more expensive.

Can The Tesla Model X Keep Up With A Lamborghini Aventador?

Apart from all-wheel drive and immense performance, these two have absolutely nothing in common.

Tesla Calling For Outside Help To Deal With Increased Used Car Influx

Now that leases of the Model S and Model X expire, they return to the automaker, who’s got its hands full with other issues.

Tesla Cuts Options On Model S And Model X, While Also Increasing Prices On 75D Variants

The Model S is dropping its unique rear facing child seats.

Tesla Takes On Urus, G63 & SVR In The SUV Drag Race Of The Century

Tesla Model X P100D lines up against the Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes-AMG G63, and Range Rover Sport SVR on an air strip.

Tyler The Creator Crashed Tesla Model X Into Parked Car In LA

The Rapper admitted to having fallen asleep behind the wheel of his electric SUV.

Tesla Has Stopped Promoting Its ‘Full Self-Driving’ Option

Tesla will soon drop its Full Self-Driving option altogether due to “too much confusion”.