Tesla Model S Prototype Allegedly Demolishes Porsche Taycan’s ‘Ring Lap Record

The fastest lap timed manually by a witness was 7m23s, making the Model S prototype 20 seconds quicker than the Taycan.

Tesla’s ‘Ring Contender Is A Model S “Chassis Prototype” With New “Plaid” Powertrain

The new powertrain will slot above the existing 100D and shall be fitted to the Model S and X, as well as the upcoming Roadster.

Angrier Tesla Model S P100D Spotted On The ‘Ring, Complete With Wide Fenders, Fat Tires And A Cage

This is the Model S Tesla is going to use for its Nurburgring lap record attempt.

Tesla Model Y Snapped On The Road For The First Time

The Tesla Model Y won’t land in the hands of customers until the fall of 2020.

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Elon Musk says Tesla’s pickup truck will premiere later this year.

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The electric Tesla Semis were reportedly on their first cargo trip.

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