Tesla Model 3’s Autopilot Saves The Day Avoiding Crash With Swerving Toyota

Autopilot’s remarkable reaction kept the Model 3 safe from the erratic driving behavior of a Toyota Corolla.

Careless Tesla Model X Owner Clips His SUV’s Falcon Wing

The Model X’s gullwing-like rear doors are very cool, but inattentive owners keep destroying them.

Tesla Model 3 Deemed A Write Off After Slamming Into Mercedes C-Class

The driver of the Merc slowed down for a pedestrian, then turned right in front of the oncoming Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Declared To Be In A Class Of Its Own

The $35k model isn’t available yet, but the existing versions combine stellar performance and long range.

Self-Driving Tesla Killed Autonomous Promobot In (Cheeky) Hit-And-Run At CES

In what looks like a PR stunt, Promobot went on to tweet Elon Musk about the incident .

LS V8-Swapped Porsche 944 Is A Drifting, Rubber-Burning Christmas Tree

This Porsche 944 wishes you a Merry Christmas!.

Tesla Drivers Can Easily Tow Away Pickups Blocking Superchargers

If you have a rope handy, you can simply move the offending vehicle with your Tesla.

Watch A Tesla Model 3 Come To Life In California

The entry-level Tesla Model 3 is now shipping in huge numbers.

Tesla Model 3 Has No Problem Whatsoever Drifting On A Snow Circuit

Take a Tesla Model 3 to the snow and it will slide like a pro.

Tesla Model 3: How Do Early Production Models Differ From Latest Ones?

Did Tesla improve its entry level model as production ramped up? And if yes, how?.

Freshly Delivered Tesla Model 3 Still Comes With Certain Quality Issues

Poor paint quality and big panel gaps are still present on the Tesla Model 3.

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company Unveils ‘Loop’ Test Tunnel Under LA

Its construction took approximately 18 months and cost Elon Musk’s company almost $10 million.