Toyota Extends Hybrid Battery Warranty To 10 Years / 150,000 Miles

Toyota says some people are still concerned about buying a hybrid vehicle.

2020 Toyota Corolla Trek Unveiled As Ford Focus Active Rival

Think of it as a Corolla estate with higher ground clearance, plastic cladding and a few add-ons that give it a pseudo-crossover character.

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2020 Toyota Corolla Goes To The Dark Side With New Nightshade Edition

The new special editions feature a host of black exterior accents.

Indian Woman Coats Her Corolla In Cow Poop To Keep It Cool

Could you see yourself driving around in a Toyota Corolla covered in cow dung?.

Only A Third Of New Toyota 86s In The US Were Sold With A Manual Last Year

It makes sense to go for an auto in a Corolla, but in the 86, the stick shift is supposed to be the enthusiast’s choice.

Driven: 2019 Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid Talks The Talk, Walks The Walk

The Corolla was, for very many years, synonymous with reliable transportation. This one’s got character, too.

This Mercedes Driver In New Jersey Parked On Top Of A Toyota

According to the Maywood Police Department, the Merc driver pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake.

Merging Onto Highway Is The Greatest Challenge Left For This Old Lady

The Toyota Corolla driver has no clue how to safely enter the highway, putting herself and others at danger.

Study Suggests Millennials Buck The Trend Of Trucks And SUVs

Of the 10 most popular vehicles driven by millennials, only two of them weren’t sedans.

Suzuki To Offer Toyota-Based Hybrids In Europe Thanks To New Global Agreement

As part of the same deal, Suzuki will provide Toyota with compact car platforms and engines.

Does The 2019 Corolla Hatchback Deliver On Toyota’s Promises?

Toyota claims its latest compact hatch is not jut frugal and reliable, but also engaging to drive.