EuroNCAP Puts Automated Driving Systems To The Test

Adaptive cruise control, lane centering and speed assist systems were tested on a total of 10 different cars.

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Offers Fresh Design And Engaging Handling

The Corolla was always a reliable, but not exciting, choice. The all-new generation wants to change the latter part.

Toyota Pondering Whether It Should Build High-Performance Hybrid Corolla GRMN

Toyota could return to the hot hatch segment after more than a decade – but it will do it in its own way.

2019 Toyota Corolla Reveals Its Two Flavors In Paris

You can have it in hatchback or Touring Sports body styles, each with a choice of two hybrid powertrains.

DEA Plane Crash-Lands At Texas Street, Hits Tesla Model X And Toyota Corolla

Fortunately, neither the plane passengers or any of the car occupants were injured.

These Are The Semifinalists For The 2019 North American Car, Utility And Truck Of The Year

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra will duke it out in the truck category.

New Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Is A Stretched Wagon Slated For Paris

It’s like the new Corolla hatchback, but with more space.

Toyota Adopts Corolla Nameplate Globally, Will Replace Auris In Europe

Toyota is dropping the Auris name and confirming the Corolla Touring Sports for Paris.

Hard Impact With A Toyota Sends VW Jetta Flying Off The Road

While the driver of the red Toyota Corolla should have waited their turn, it also looks as though the VW was speeding.

Sorry Sir, You Cannot Order An Avensis Anymore; May We Suggest The Camry Hybrid?

You can still buy Toyota’s midsize car in other markets, such as Belgium and Austria, but only as an estate.

Toyota Corolla Hot Hatch Planned With Hybrid Power

Toyota’s hot Corolla could benefit from AWD, too, with the ICE powering the front axle and the electric motor motivating the rear wheels.

Watch Out-Of-Control Toyota Terrorizing Drivers In New Jersey

The driver of the blue Toyota led a fellow motorist on a 15-mile pursuit until authorities caught up.