Renault and Waymo Exploring Self-Driving Paris Airport Service

Renault and Waymo are currently exploring the notion of an autonomous mobility service at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Waymo Bringing Self-Driving Prototypes To Los Angeles

Waymo may need to eventually provide real-time location data to the LA Department of Transportation.

Uber CEO Says “It Sure Looked Like” Levandowski Took Sensitive Files From Google

Anthony Levandowski was recently charged with 33 counts of trade secret theft, though Uber claims they never used any such info.

Waymo Pleads With NHTSA To Remove Requirements For Steering Wheels

General Motors, Lyft, and Honda are also calling for regulation changes and autonomous cars to be considered as a different class of vehicles.

Former Google And Uber Engineer Anthony Levandowski Charged With Trade Secret Theft

Anthony Levandowski had been at the center of the lawsuit between Waymo and Uber.

Waymo Taking Its Autonomous Prototypes To Florida For Hurricane Season Testing

Waymo says heavy rain represents a unique challenge to developing sensors for its autonomous driving systems .

Lyft Makes Its Self-Driving Research Data Available To The Public

This includes over 55,000 three-dimensional frames from cameras, Lidar and radar systems installed on its research fleet of autonomous cars.

Waymo Given The Go-Ahead To Pick Up Passengers With Autonomous Vehicles In California

Waymo already operates an autonomous ride-hailing fleet pilot in Phoenix, Arizona.

Renault Group And Nissan Partner With Waymo On Autonomous Tech

The deal is meant to explore all aspects of driverless mobility services for passengers and deliveries.

Waymo Picks Detroit Facility To Build Its Autonomous Cars From Mid-2019

Waymo will have the world’s first fully dedicated factory for autonomous vehicle production.

Waymo To Roll Out More Autonomous Vehicles Across Phoenix

Waymo will establish an 85,000-square-foot center in Mesa to supplement the one already operating in Chandler.

Waymo’s Autonomous Cars And Drivers Are Being Attacked In Arizona

Not all Arizonans like companies like Waymo testing self-driving vehicles on local streets.