Wise-Guy Brake Checks A Semi Truck…With A MINI Cooper

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Not that you’re ever going to overpower or scare a semi-truck with any type of passenger vehicle, but you would assume that someone driving a MINI – of all cars, would think twice before driving like a jerk in front of a loaded lorry.

But not this guy, who after illegally crossing a double line to overtake a semi-truck in Norway almost came to a full stop and, well, the result is just what you imagined. If we had to guess, the mana was annoyed with the truck driver for not letting him through before the two lanes converged.

The ‘tough guy’ jumping out of the MINI (insert joke here) seemed ready to pick a fight with the trucker, but that never happened.

According to the YouTube posters, “A Mini Cooper is rear-ended after cutting off a 50 ton truck, then coming to a complete stop. Due to the weight of the truck, the driver was unable to stop quickly. The driver of the Mini Cooper was issued fines and his license was suspended for 11 months.”

Could have been a lot worse, as so many dashcam-recorded incidents have shown us.