Social Media Goes Alight In Turkey After Dessert Makers Road Rage Against Allegedly Pregnant Woman

The two men attacked a car with a pregnant woman in the passenger seat.

Accident Leads To Car Chase, Ends With Road Rage In Florida

This surprisingly well-documented incident featured a great deal of unnecessary violence.

Mercedes Driver Road Rages Against Cyclist, Gets Served Justice

While Karma wasn’t exactly instant in this case, it eventually did arrive for the driver of a Mercedes A-Class.

Man Gets Gun Pulled On Him During Scary Road Rage Incident

The road rage incident was caught on two videos taken by the victim and the aggressor.

Car Violently Rolls Over After 100MPH Road Rage Incident

A Mini and a Mondeo got into a dangerous game at over 100 mph, and it’s a miracle that no one was even injured.

Range Rover Sport Rear-Ended By Cammer After Brake Checking Him

The incident happened in Denver and the RR driver was, according to the cammer, cited by the police.

Pedestrian With Anger Management Issues Taught A Painful Lesson

For whatever reason, he got so mad at the driver, he didn’t bother to look where he was going.

Mazda CX-7 Driver Shoots (!) At Cammer During Road Rage Incident

The driver of the white Mazda crossover was an 85-year old Florida man.

Woman Attacks VW Golf With Pipe, Then With Her Own Car

The incident is believed to have started as a road rage episode, and took place in the Azcapozalco district of Mexico City.

Traffic Cheater Meets His Match In Russia, Is Forced Back In Line

This may not be the best way to make cheaters think twice before cutting in line but it sure was effective.

Your Order’s Ready: Ram Driver Throws French Fries At ‘Cheating’ F-150

The driver of the white pickup used the ‘left only’ lane to cut in front of the black Ram.

Toyota Camry Cuts Off Driver Leading To Massive Crash, But Is He The Only One At Fault?

Watch and you’ll probably come to the conclusion that both drivers are at fault here, one more so than the other.