Audi Confirms Development Of BMW i8 Rival

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Audi will launch three fully-electric cars by the year 2020 and one of them will be a direct rival to the BMW i8.

Very few details about the model are known at this stage but Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler informed Auto Express at the Geneva Motor Show that the electric sports car will launch after the brand’s electric SUV and at a similar time to its upcoming compact electric car similar to the Volkswagen I.D.

BMW’s current plans for the i8 aren’t known but some suggest the brand may decide to significantly overhaul and upgrade the model with more power for its next generation. If that happens, Audi will have to be prepared to lift its future electric sports car model to a point in the market previously occupied by the cancelled and unsuccessful Audi R8 e-tron.

What seems more likely is that the Audi in question will have around 400 hp and act as an electric alternative to the Audi TT family.