Alpina Made A 460 HP i8 But BMW Wouldn’t Let Them Build It

Alpina’s BMW i8 featured a four-cylinder engine and only a single prototype was made.

BMW Tips The Hat To Mercedes’ Departing CEO Zetsche With Cheeky Video

BMW sends a very funny thank-you note to Mercedes’ departing boss Dieter Zetsche.

Next-Gen BMW i8 Could Go Fully Electric, Challenge Tesla Roadster

BMW officials are reportedly debating the future of the i8 and it appears the model could switch to an electric powertrain.

BMW i8 Gains A Colorful Look For The Sake Of Art

This unofficial BMW i8 art car has been customized by painter and sculptor Thomas Scheibitz.

Stealthy BMW 3-Series Police Car Headlines Company’s RETTmobil Lineup

Speeders in Germany better look out as BMW has introduced a 3-Series police car with hidden emergency lights.

BMW Makes i8 Roadster A Speedster For Formula E’s New Safety Car

In doing so, BMW also created the world’s fist safety car that is totally topless .

BMW i8 Roadster E.N. ARMY Edition Looks Ready To Enlist

This i8 Roadster gets flared arches, bespoke add-ons, gold wheels and a two-tone green paint job.

Firefighters Dropped A Burning BMW i8 Into A Water Container!

After putting out the BMW i8, firefighters had to be careful with the water as it contained toxic substances.

BMW i Returns To Coachella As Official Partner Alongside Khalid

Other celebrity attendees include renowned composer and music producers Hans Zimmer.

BMW i8 Roadster “4 Elements” Art Car Will Help Clean Our Oceans

The BMW i8 Roadster 4 Elements will be shown at the BMW Museum and later auctioned off.

Formula E’s BMW i8 Safety Car Has Us Wishing For An i8 M

Like previous years, the i8 acts as the electric series safety cars and has been fitter with a new livery.

South African Woman Wrecks BMW i8, Neighbor’s House In One Move

Who knew the BMW i8 could go so fast in reverse?.