Twerking Girl Distracts Driver Who Crashes Into Motorcycle

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Motorcycling comes with a huge range of dangers but you wouldn’t think one of them would be dancing and twerking women in Ukraine. Think again.

Footage posted to YouTube and since uploaded to LiveLeak shows a local Ukrainian twerking and dancing on the side of the road as a motorcycle approaches. As the biker gets closer, the women continues to dance, potentially distracting a driver coming from the other direction.

Out of nowhere, the silver sedan turns to the left, directly in the path of the motorcyclist and leaving him without enough room to brake or manoeuvre around. The biker slams into the hood of the car and immediately summersaults onto the pavement.

It is reported that the biker fractured his pelvis and leg but managed to escape with his life.

While the crash was clearly the fault of the driver and not of the dancing female, the clip perfectly highlights the many dangers that bikers face.