Here's A Better Look At That BMW M5 Catching Fire In Russia

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A better video has surfaced showing the moment a BMW M5 suddenly burst into flames in the Russian city of Perm.

We first reported on the strange incident a couple of days ago and this new clip, filmed from the helmet cam of a nearby motorcyclist, shows the M5 driver racing the biker on a sprint between traffic lights.

When the German super sedan stops at a red light after the race, flames suddenly burst out from behind the front wheel, much to the shock of the driver who proceeds to floor the throttle and speed away before abruptly pulling over. A nearby motorist then managed to douse the flames with a small fire extinguisher.

It is impossible to say for sure what caused the blaze as it could have been anything from a fuel leak to an electrical fault. Whatever the case may have been, the owner better hope his insurance covers the damages.