Honda’s New Civic Type R Is Just The Beginning, Says Chief Engineer

American hot-hatch enthusiasts are suitably stoked by the arrival of the new Honda Civic Type R in the United States. But the model now reaching showrooms is just the start.

Speaking through an interpreter to Automotive News, the Civic’s chief engineer Hideki Matsumoto said that more versions of the 306-horsepower hot hatch are on their way.

“We’re hoping that by gradually putting out more [variants] that we’ll be able to maintain a more stable sales volume,” he said.

That’s slated to include a cheaper version, but the budget Type R may not be the only one. Matsumoto-san suggested a more powerful version could be in the works, as well as the potential inclusion of all-wheel drive to better take on the likes of the VW Golf R, Ford Focus RS, and Subaru WRX STI. Those turned off by the Type R’s hardcore approach could enjoy a more toned-down version oriented towards touring instead of lap times as well.

No word, however, on the prospect of applying the Type R treatment to other body-styles, like the coupe or sedan – both of which are now offered in sporty Si spec, pictured below in red and blue respectively, alongside the white Type R hatch.

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  • Christian

    I think its time to step it up Honda! We need a Jazz Type R with the 1,5 Turbo and around 180 -200 Bhp! 🙂 Also a shame that we don’t get the S650 in Europe. 🙁

  • TG

    This Car is sooooooooo UGLY !!!! I know, its fast but i hate how it looks like

  • Time waits for no man

    ” Those turned off by the Type R’s hardcore approach could enjoy a more toned-down version oriented towards touring…”

    Here’s to that… I really like the new Type R but, AT MY AGE (which is old), I’m not going to tell everyone I am suffering from a mid-life crisis by buying one of these with all that body kit, big rear spoiler…! The TypeR would be great, if I was in my 20’s again….
    So prefer something which is a lot less noticeable on the road… (or go for a Golf R)

    • D83

      Same case if you rich enough to buy luxury car. Which one do you choose Lamborghini or Bentley/Rolls Royce

      • Apples to oranges comparison. A Lambo is not based on an econo-box with tacked on body cladding.

      • Time waits for no man

        If you are rich, you can afford both, surely…??
        But me, preferring comfort (and quiet) I’d go for a Rolls Royce…
        Lambo may be a llitle on the low side to get into… but more especially a bit too low to get out of…!!

  • john1168

    I read there MAY BE an AWD version in the future. We’ll see…

    • Evan M

      I just hope price isn’t crazy and that AWD is also offered in the standard notchback body style as well. It would also be nice if all wheel drive models where slightly higher so that snow actually goes underneath the model.

      • john1168

        If they do it I’m sure it will be similar to the Ford Focus line up. I have a feeling the only model that will have awd is the Type R.

        • Evan M

          The price will kill them, or me for that matter paying $40K for one of those.

        • Infinite1

          I’m pretty sure that Honda will make it exclusively for the Type R

  • ou95grad

    How about spreading the Si treatment to other models…Accord Si, or even a CR-V Si…

  • sidewaysspin

    We can rice it up even more he said.

  • SteersUright

    Where’s the mini NSX we saw in the patent drawings? Also, AWD with more power is a no-brainer for the Civic Type R. As it stands, this car is easily overshadowed by the older Focus RS’ and Gold R’s performance mostly due to its AWD. Still, given Honda’s reliability, I think if it offered similar power and AWD it would become the defacto choice.

    • marcin

      mini NSX was dropped, because they decided to drop MR idea for the mini coupe. Latest rumour suggest they are working on a FR platform.

  • Justin Spencer

    Honda should think about AWD in not just the R but also the Si and lower end models! I am too old to be driving a Type-R but I’d certainly go for the more understated Si with AWD and a dual-clutch automatic…..I mean it’s the older guys that have the money to spend on these expensive little compacts anyway!

    After owning an AWD car myself, I wouldn’t dream of going back to a 2WD only set up! Do it Honda!!! Give us AWD Civics!!!

  • JimmyK

    Well AWD will add some weight and I think that most of the reviews are saying that the car has excellent handling already.There is no necessity for AWD really so just do what Renault did and add AWS,that would do the job.Of course I would like to see the next civic type r with AWD where will it be a new car from the start and hopefully with better design and more strong engine.

  • Infinite1

    Make the Accord AWD as well! That would be awesome but I want to see Honda give the Type R an AWD platform as well.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I have always loved the Type R. I think this model is really ugly. The whole thing looks badly designed. The high front, the weird sides and the super ugly back. I wonder who could allow something like this to be made and even carry the Type R badge. We’ll see it in 20 years in some barn find magazine with the writer claiming it was “…a very performing car whose design was misunderstood by the gearheads of its time..” and trying to rehabilitate the model. Nonetheless, it is really too ugly.

  • Blade t

    A new s2k with this power plant would be nice….

  • BenjaminX

    TG hit the nail on the head — this car’s been whacked in the head repeatedly with the ugly stick. My god — where do you start? That disjointed, hideous nose? The ridiculous rear-end that looks like it was drawn by a 6-year old (and I’m not even counting the silly wing)? The “whoops, didn’t realize the door was there!” rear wheel arches? Or just the overall, lopsided, “bent” body shape and bizarre creases that seem to begin and end randomly? In today’s world, there is no reason for a car to be this ugly.

  • Rob Tanner

    Love the type R. The style is in one’s taste but for $35k I want people to know I bought the performance version, although I feel Ford has the best balance. Honda is too “in your face” and golf R is too bland.

  • Rob Tanner