2018 Nissan Leaf Reveals Its Form In Florida

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As Nissan prepares the 2018 Leaf for its premiere on September 6, a reader over at Inside EVs recently stumbled upon two prototypes in Orlando, Florida.

Compared to the Leaf currently available, the second-generation car looks much more appealing and as we mentioned last month, bares a striking resemblance to Nissan's 2016 IDS Concept.

Up front, the Leaf adopts a short overhang and a steeply angled hood that reaches down to a redesigned grille. Additionally, there are sharp new headlights while the sides are dominated by an obvious body line that starts on the rear doors and moves above the rear wheel arches before tapering off at the base of the taillights.

Interestingly, the Inside EVs reader who snapped these images claims that the new Leaf looks bigger than the current car and that its wheelbase could be between 10 and 12 inches longer. If that's the case, it will be significantly larger than the Chevrolet Bolt.

Current word suggests that Nissan will offer Leaf customers two different battery packs, the first of which will have a 40 kWh capacity while the range-topper will offer 60 kWh. This should be good enough for a range of up to 340 miles (547 km).