Floyd Mayweather Brags About Buying Two LaFerraris

Outside the boxing ring, Floyd Mayweather is known for his luxurious lifestyle, owning expensive villas, private jets, and a stunning supercar collection.

Over the years, the American professional boxer used to own a bunch of Ferraris, Bugattis, and Koenigseggs. But the latest exotic vehicles waiting to arrive in his garage are two LaFerraris, as the 40-year old said during an interview that can be seen below.

Mayweather explained that he bought a red and a white example of the Italian hybrid supercar, and despite his recent troubles with the IRS, he was willing to show a check with $100 million written on it. However, while anyone can write as much as they want on a blank check, the athlete is convinced that this is the best way to prove that he still has enough money put aside.

As far as his recent supercars go, we cannot tell you whether they have been bought used nor if they are Coupes or Apertas, but they will soon be joined by a brand new Bugatti Chiron, for which he allegedly paid $3.5 million last year.