That’s Embarassing: Alfa’s Giulia Quadrifoglio Breaks Down During Track Test Against M3, C63 AMG

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It’s perhaps the first video of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio not gaining universal praise, and that’s for good reason: it broke down while the cameras were still shooting.

We all know that in order for Alfa Romeo to beat the Germans in their own game, first they have to get rid of the poor reliability image and then give us a proper four-door sports car.

Pistonheads brought a BMW M3 Competition and a Mercedes-AMG C63 S for a comparison test against the mighty Giulia Quadrifoglio but Alfa’s twin-turbo V6 had other plans apparently.

Short after a check engine light came on, which had the Giulia locked on its Normal mode, the car went on limp mode and therefore put an early end to this group test.

The win went eventually to the BMW M3, which thanks to the revisions of the Competition package, was the day’s most enjoyable of the three at the track. The on-paper power deficit never really kept the M3 from leading the way to the also on-paper more powerful Mercedes, which backs the theory of BMW underrating its M engines.