Small Child Uninjured After Opening Door And Falling Out Of Car

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Even though watching a kid fall out of a car and almost getting run over by that same vehicle is a very disturbing sight, rest assured that the little one is OK.

This incident took places this week in Bangkok, Thailand, where a small child suddenly opened the front passenger side door to that white sedan and fell out.

Apparently the little girl was pulling on the door handle and probably pushing against the door at the same time. She fell basically in one rapid motion.

What's even scarier was the mother not realizing or perhaps not reacting in time to stop the car. After the child falls, the vehicle rolls forward almost running over her legs - thankfully she managed to move just in time.

This just goes to show that you can never be to careful when taking your kid with you in the car. A child seat is a must, since it can prevent them from moving around too much and reaching the door handle, which is probably every parent-driver's nightmare on the road.