Over 30,000 Hurricane Damaged Vehicles Flood Houston Drag Strip

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A drag strip in the Houston suburb of Baytown has opened up its gates as a temporary storage and processing facility for vehicles ravaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Royal Purple Raceway has offered up 400 acres of its lands and as of the start of this week, around 30,000 vehicles were already being stored there with many more arriving daily.

Track vice president and general manager Seth Angel says insurance adjusters will assess the damage of vehicles and process claims from the raceway. Once a vehicle has been assessed, it will either be returned to its owner, be named a salvage and sold online through Copart or be sent to the scrapyard for demolition.

Speaking to Autoweek, Angel said “It’s been a wild past few weeks. Copart needs places to store all the cars. Insurance adjusters simply can’t go to every car across the city. It’s going to be a very long process.”

Vehicles will be stored at the facility for the next six months meaning all racing events at Royal Purple Raceway have been suspended until February.