Watch This Guy Save His E36 M3s From Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey destroyed over 500,000 vehicles and if it wasn’t for a quick-thinking BMW owner, three more prized automobiles could have been added to that tally.

Cody Crotchet from the Texas E36 Garage YouTube channel is the proud owner of two stunning E36-generation BMW M3s and an X5 and was able to save all three upon hearing that his garage could be flooded by up to 1 foot of water.

To avoid damage to his extensively modified red M3, Crotchet jacked it up in the garage and for a time, it seemed safe. However, flood waters increased dramatically last week to the point where it was rising by as much as 5 inches every 30 minutes.

As shown in the video below, Crotchet had to act quickly by jacking the M3 up even further and placing the jack stands on garden blocks to lift the car up about 3 feet. Fortunately, that’s right at the level where the water stopped rising, allowing the car to come out of the ordeal undamaged.

As for his second M3, it was lifted up on the back of a flatbed in his driveway while his M5 was able to escape the storm’s fury thanks to its lift kit and huge 33-inch off-road tires.