False Alarm, Tesla Isn’t Offering Model S And Model X Discounts

Yesterday, we reported on an email from a Tesla sales associate stating that discounts of up to $30,000 were being offered for the Model S and Model X leading into the final quarter of the year.

However, after reading our story, Tesla has contacted us to confirm that this email was “unauthorized and inaccurate” and that the electric automaker remains strictly opposed to any kinds of showroom discounts.

In a statement provided by a company spokesperson, Tesla said “We have a strict no negotiation and no discount policy. This has been true since we first started taking orders more than ten years ago, a fact we reaffirmed last year. There are zero exceptions to that policy: every Tesla customer pays the same amount for the same car, period. That is true for Elon, friends and family of the company, or anyone else,” they said.

According to Tesla, the employee wasn’t referring to generous $30,000 discounts for new Tesla vehicles but instead to pricing adjustments made to test drive vehicles, service loaners, damaged and then repaired vehicles, or old models. The more wear and tear these vehicles have, the more customers can save over a new Model S or Model X.

“No Tesla customer ever has to be concerned about not getting a ‘good deal’. A ‘good deal’ is code for how a company takes advantage of a customer. We don’t do ‘deals.’ We treat everyone the same. This will never change, ever,” the company statement concluded.



    • supermanuel

      Not a chance.

    • Six_Tymes


  • Bash

    It was too good to be true anyway!

  • gary4205

    In other words…sheeple….you’ll pay list price…..and you’ll like it!

    • Status

      But you believed this story yesterday. You’ll believe anything, you’re that gullible. It doesn’t matter if it came out of Musk’s mouth or from your bible; you’ll believe it.

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