Corvette Pickup Truck Conversion

Last time we checked, there was no mullet hanging around the back of our heads so as expected, we kinda disagree with the pickup truck conversion of this Vette that was created by merging a 1984 Corvette front-end with the rear-end of 1991 model.

And if you think that the $35k that ClassyAuto (oh the irony…) is asking sounds a lot wait till you here what the original owner spent to create this Vettamino: $115,000 -what a brain-freezer! More photos follow after the break.


Via: Jalopnik , Source: ClassyAuto

  • Dave

    I have two corvette,s I would love to add
    This to collections of my hot rod,s

  • Steven K Saunders

    I’m looking for this car I’m the original owners son my dad had this built from two wrecked cars . He bought the 84 when they first came back out a few years later his employee took it for a joy ride and crashed it and was declared as totalled. With money no object he decided to turn it into a project for his master glass man that was excellent at working with fiberglass . Long story short I became the owner a few years later buying it from my brother. Unfortunately my brother decide to destroy all the custom fiberglass molds thinking nobody would recreate it then so it’s a one-off. When I acquired the car I took possession of a box holding three windows for this car that cost a lot of money to build since there were custom after chopping the roof 3 inches. Glass work was done by Barton glass in Marysville Washington. To the best of my knowledge I heard rumors the car ended up in North Carolina. I’ve had these very valuable windows in storage I would love to put them in the hands of the car owner one front windshield and two side windows. In the next two weeks otherwise I’m going to destroy them I no longer want to keep them in storage asking for help if anybody knows where or who or how to get in touch with the owner. My Dad loved 2 do things out of the ordinary for fun and created jobs for many with projects he would come up with. I can be reached if anyone has knowledge of this car’s whereabouts at [email protected]
    Thank you.

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