Jeepers Creepers’ 1960 Chevy Impala for Sale

Our eBay find of the day concerns this 1960 Chevrolet Impala that was used in the cult 2001 Jeepers Creepers horror movie starring Justin Long (Darry) and Gina Philips (Trish). The seller supports that although the Impala has been repaired since its debut in the movie, a lot of the flaws remain such as the trunk that was pried open and Darry) tied it shut with his pink underwear, and the noticeable tear on the left side of the lower front bumper centre. -Continued Another interesting point of the Impala is the fact that the producers made the car appear to have a standard transmission by installing a floor shifter, when it is actually an automatic. Not bad for cruising but if you’re out at night with a gal and you wish to score, we’d avoid playing the Jeepers Creepers song if we were you… Link: eBay – Thanks for the tip Stu!

  • Jimmy Henry

    I bought this car and put a real V8 engine and a four speed in it.