Ford Working on Sporty Four-Door Coupe Mondeo, Could Come to the U.S.

We have yet another report concerning the development of a sporty four-door coupe variant of the Ford Mondeo, this time from Car Online. Although the British magazine’s artist rendering is quite different from the one shown on Autobild a couple of weeks ago, fact is that both mags are confirming that Ford will present a Mercedes CLS-like version of the next generation Mondeo that’s due in 2012-2013. And since the Euro Mondeo will practically form the base for the North American Taurus, there’s a strong possibility that Ford’s anti-VW Passat CC will also be available in the States. In Europe, the sporty Mondeo will sit alongside the traditional estate and saloon models. Apart from its aggressive looks and the reduced interior space compared to the saloon, the third variant of the Mondeo is expected to feature sportier suspension settings along with a top-end ST and maybe even an RS version.Source: Car , Via: