Patent Designs of Chevrolet Sedan with Camaro-esque Read End: Is it the New Malibu, Impala or Something Else?

Fact: these official drawings of an unnamed Chevrolet sedan were filed with the U.S. patent office by General Motors. And well, that’s where the facts end and the speculations start. Looking at the photos, we assume that this mystery Chevrolet four-door saloon with the Camaro-inspired rear-end design is either a mid- or full-size sedan.
And while we know for sure that General Motors is readying a redesign for its Camry-fighting Chevrolet Malibu, we’re not at all certain that this is the car depicted here.
For all we know, it could be a replacement for the Impala or (less probably) maybe for the European market and Daewoo-based, Chevy Epica sedan.
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