Poll: Should Lamborghini Build the Estoque Sedan or the Urus SUV?

For the past few years, Lamborghini has been swaying left and right to find a suitable third model to expand its range of sports cars that currently consists of the V10 Gallardo and the V12 Aventador. Today, we had our first view at company’s latest effort to entice the public, the all-new Urus SUV, after images of the concept leaked early ahead of a scheduled world premiere at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show on April 23. Back in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show, the Italians had previewed their idea of how a low-slung four-door sedan should look like with an impressive concept named the Estoque. Even though it’s been nearly four years since its debut, Lamborghini officials aren’t yet ready to cross the Estoque from their list. This brings us to this week’s poll question: with what you’ve seen up until now, which of the two Lamborghini concepts would you desire to see in production? Since there’s always the possibility that some might like to see both cars built while others would say no to both, we have also added these two options in our poll that follows below.

Which Concept Should Lamborghini Build?


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