Lykan Hypersport is the Arab World's First Supercar, Costs $3.4 Million and has 750hp

With a voracious appetite for all kinds of supercars and plenty of wealth to sustain it thanks to its oil-rich real estate, it shouldn’t come to as a surprise that the Arab world has finally managed to produce its own hypercar in the guise of W Motors’s Lykan Hypersport, which was introduced at this week’s Qatar Motor Show. While many questions remain unanswered, what we do know about the Beirut-based company’s edgy-looking (some may say, Lamborghini-esque) Lykan Hypersport is that only seven cars will be produced, each carrying a base sticker price of $3.4 million (about €2.4 million at today’s exchange rates), which includes a $200,000 limited edition Cyrus Klepcy watch. The Lykan Hypersport comes with a twin-turbocharged flat-six engine (likely sourced from Porsche) with 750-horsepower positioned behind the driver and can reach 100km/h (62mph) in 2.8 seconds before topping out at 395km/h (245mph) – yep, you’re not the only one thinking about ‘hagwalah’ right now… Other notable features include a world first diamond-encrusted LED lights, gold-stitched leather and what the company describes as a Virtual Holographic Display for the instrument panel. Thanks to ‘Fresco’ for the tip!



  • Arif

    Lykan brand will have good prospects and why not because most of the supercars sold to Sheikh or sultan. They must have been tired of having Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bugatis.