Jaguar Trademarks Q-Type and XQ Names – SUV On its Way?

Despite denying reports that it was working on and planning to launch an SUV, Jaguar has just registered the names “Q-Type” and “XQ” with the EU trademark office. Is it a case of better safe than sorry (in terms of name) or is Jaguar secretly developing an SUV or crossover-style model(s)? Well, we don’t know yet but if they are, they do have access to any Land Rover tech, which means that their off-roader would actually be a capable one. If it’s image and tradition you’re concerned about, let us remind you just how big of a success story the Porsche Cayenne is – it was a much bigger departure for Porsche, than an off-roader would be for Jaguar. Sources quoted by Pistonheads suggest that if this were to materialize, the Jag SUV would be based on the same underpinnings as the Range Rover Evoque, so its engines would not be bigger than three liters, and the norm would be the familiar two-liter petrol and diesel engines, already used in the baby Range. Time will tell if this is more than just pure speculation, but I honestly see no reason for Jaguar not to do it, as they would boost sales in this crossover-crazy world, and make more money, while attracting “younger buyers” at the same time. By Andrei Nedelea Rendering: Andrei Nedelea / Carscoops
Jaguar Q-Type-1