Mercedes-Benz Showcases Sprinter Caravan Concept in Düsseldorf

Mercedes-Benz will be presenting a concept for a Sprinter-based camper van at Europe’s leading trade show for recreational vehicles, the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf Germany (August 31-September 8). Shown alongside production camper vans of all sizes, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Caravan Concept is a fully functional cut-away model of a new high-roof Sprinter, fully converted into a camper van. The right-hand side of the vehicle is completely open from the middle of the front passenger door to the rear axle, in order to allow visitors to see the living area. This includes the front seats that are turned around, a side-facing bench seat (which can be pulled out to form a double bed), a kitchen to the left of the opening and a bathroom with integrated wardrobe fitted in transverse position in the rear. The study includes furniture featuring a hard-wearing HPL coating in high-gloss white, grey laminate flooring and seats featuring white genuine automobile leather from Mercedes-Benz. The side walls and ceiling are covered in Alcantara and feature LED lighting. The Sprinter camper van concept features a new tenorite grey metallic paint finish. Mercedes-Benz did not say if the Sprinter Caravan concept previews a production model, but judging from the study’s looks one could say a production version is not that far away. By Dan Mihalascu