Porsche Debuts Macan, Calls It the Sports Car of Compact SUVs [74 Pics & Videos]

Following leaked photos and countless teasers, the Porsche has finally revealed official information about its newest model, the Macan SUV, which debuts today at both the LA Auto Show and Tokyo Motor Show.

Porsche’s first compact SUV will be available with three models at market launch – the Macan S, Macan S Diesel and Macan Turbo, all fitted as standard with all-wheel drive. The carmaker says the Macan is the sports car of the compact SUV segment, and performance specs seem to support that statement.

The Macan S is powered by a 335hp (340PS) 3.0-liter V6 biturbo engine mated to a seven-speed double-clutch transmission. The SUV sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds (5.2 seconds with the optional Sport Chrono package) and reaches a top speed of 254 km/h (158 mph). Average fuel consumption figures are between 9.0 l/100 km (26.1 mpg US) and 8.7 l/100 km (27 mpg US), corresponding to CO2 emissions of 212 and 204 g/km, respectively.

The Macan S Diesel (not offered in the States) is obviously the performer in terms of fuel economy, with its 255hp (258PS) 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel returning between 6.3 l/100 km (37.3 mpg US) and 6.1 l/100 km (38.5 mpg US), with CO2 emissions rated at 164 and 159 g/km, respectively. Still, the model is worthy of the Porsche badge, covering the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 6.3 seconds (6.1 seconds with the Sport Chrono package) and reaching a top speed of 230 km/h (143 mph).

The fastest model in the lineup is the Macan Turbo, powered by an all-new 3.6-liter V6 biturbo engine used for the first time on a Porsche. The unit produces 394hp (400PS), catapulting the Macan from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.8 seconds (4.6 seconds with the Sport Chrono package). Top speed is 266 km/h (165 mph), while average fuel economy figures are between 9.2 l/100 km (25.6 mpg US) and 8.9 l/100 km (26.4 mpg US). CO2 figures are 216 and 208 g/km, respectively.

Being an SUV, the Macan is offered as standard with an off-road mode, activated at the touch of a button in the center console at speeds between 0 and 80 km/h (50 mph). The function switches all the relevant systems to a traction-oriented off-road program. Furthermore, on models fitted with the optional air suspension (standard on the Macan Turbo), ground clearance can be increased by 40 mm (1.6in) for a maximum of 230 mm (9in).

There’s also a standard Sport button, which makes the engine even more responsive, shortens gear shifts and allows shifts at higher revs. In addition, the engine gets a racier sound and the air suspension offers a sportier feel.

Besides all-wheel drive and PDK, the Macan’s standard equipment includes a multi-function sport steering wheel with shift paddles, large wheels, high-performance audio system and an electrically operated tailgate, among others. Optional equipment includes the air suspension system, Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) system, Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) and many others.

The Macan S and Macan S Diesel are priced from €57,930 ($78,420) in Germany, while the Macan Turbo starts at €79,826 ($108,060). Deliveries begin on April 5, 2014.

In the U.S., prices start at $50,895 for the “S” model rising to $73,295 for the Turbo, excluding handling and delivery fees.

By Dan Mihalascu


Macan SPorsche-Macan-3Macan TurboMacan - PhantomgraphikPorsche-Macan-6Macan SMacan SMacan SMacan S DieselMacan S DieselMacan TurboMacan S DieselMacan TurboPorsche-Macan-15Porsche-Macan-16Porsche-Macan-17Porsche-Macan-18Porsche-Macan-19Porsche-Macan-20Porsche-Macan-21Porsche-Macan-22Porsche-Macan-23Porsche-Macan-24Porsche-Macan-25Porsche-Macan-26Porsche-Macan-27Porsche-Macan-28Porsche-Macan-29Porsche-Macan-30Porsche-Macan-31Porsche-Macan-32Porsche-Macan-33Porsche-Macan-34Porsche-Macan-35Porsche-Macan-36Porsche-Macan-37Porsche-Macan-38Porsche-Macan-39Porsche-Macan-40Porsche-Macan-41Porsche-Macan-42Porsche-Macan-43Porsche-Macan-44Porsche-Macan-45Porsche-Macan-46Porsche-Macan-47Porsche-Macan-48Porsche-Macan-49Porsche-Macan-50Porsche-Macan-51Porsche-Macan-52Porsche-Macan-53Porsche-Macan-54Porsche-Macan-55Porsche-Macan-56Porsche-Macan-57Porsche-Macan-58Porsche-Macan-59Porsche-Macan-60Porsche-Macan-61Porsche-Macan-62Porsche-Macan-63Porsche-Macan-64Porsche-Macan-65Porsche-Macan-66Porsche-Macan-67Porsche-Macan-68Porsche-Macan-69Porsche-Macan-70Porsche-Macan-71Porsche-Macan-72Porsche-Macan-73Porsche-Macan-74


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