Check Out 50 GTA V Cars and Their Real Life Counterparts in Massive Infographic

So, how many of you have had the chance to play Rockstar’s uber successful Grand Theft Auto V video game? I recently joined the club myself after someone thought it would be a terrific idea to give me the GTA V for the PS3 as a Valentines gift – I guess some gals need to learn about the obsession boys have with their electronic toys the hard (after-hours) way… Anywho, for all of you who are playing the game and are wondering about the real-life origins of the often ambiguously styled automobiles with the irrelevant names seen in the game, the people over from NeoMam Studios forwarded us this enlightening infographic. From a quick look, I think they got most of the cars right, though, there are some that don’t seem to match, like the UbermachtOracel1 (No9. BMW M6), and the ChevalPicador (No.50 Holden Kingswood Utility). Do take a look yourself and if you discover any other discrepancies, share them in the comments box. By John Halas Infographic credits: Wish