Ferrari F430-Based Enzo Replica Looks Awkward, Is Ridiculously Expensive

11 years after its debut, the Ferrari Enzo continues to be one of the most sought-after supercars. It’s no wonder then that the Italian sports car frequently serves as a source of inspiration for builders of replica models.

The Enzo replica you see in the photos is actually based on a Ferrari model, the F430, itself a favorite for makers of replicas. In the listing posted on eBay, the owner explains that the conversion brings a “million dollar look without the excessive maintenance or insurance.”

You can decide for yourself if that is the case by taking a look at the photos, but if you care for a personal opinion, I think it looks awkward, especially when viewed from the side. The car has different proportions than the Enzo – it is too tall and it lacks the original car’s planted look. The front end of the car also looks weird because of the sharper and raised nose.

Anyway, the seller says the exterior body is made of carbon fiber with an aluminum frame with features including single lug OEM Enzo wheels, F1 transmission, power windows, air conditioning and air bags.

The Israel-based owner says the car has covered just 4,000 miles (6,437 km) from new and has been properly maintained by Ferrari authorized shops, with no issues whatsoever. The powertrain is the F430’s standard 4.3-liter naturally aspirated V8 producing 490PS (483hp).

Starting bid on eBay was a whopping $400,000, but for some reason the ad says bidding has ended. For that kind of money, you can have a real Enzo, albeit a damaged one. Or you can buy about four used F430s…


  • Evan McMaster

    Looks cheap and stupid. Ruined a perfectly good F430.

  • Zandit75

    That’s a lot of front overhang!

  • Chuck Norris

    I personally think it’s ok looking. Not good but not bad.

  • Howie Normus

    I’d sell two kidneys to get a real one…….wouldn’t give you shit for the replica.

    • Polyester Poontang

      You will soon be dead if you sell two kidneys.

      • Howie Normus

        I wouldn’t sell my own kidneys…..from some guy I don’t like. What’s it to you.

  • What the F… was he thinking when he did his??

    • SetNick

      Probably “I have lots of money so”…look at the garage photos.

  • Swiss carlover

    Good from far, but far from good.
    They better kept it as a 430

  • Overall proportions? Nothing that some creative photography couldn’t fix. 🙂

  • Akira

    I really don’t understand how some people’s brains work… Why take a desirable and powerful car and transform it into a cheap replica? I can (sort of) understand people making a replica from a toyota MR2, but there you already have a ferrari…

  • Polyester Poontang

    If a new owner restores it to original is it still a replica…….if so……..are not all modified cars replicas.

  • SetNick

    Looking at the garage pictures, this person can afford to do what they want. Personally, I would have taken the Ferrari motor and put it in a speedboat.

  • Alex

    He ruined to Ferraris!

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