New 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Has 640HP Supercharged V8, Reaches 200MPH

With 640hp, the new 2016 CTS-V is not only Cadillac’s most powerful production model ever, but it also out-powers the German competition, including BMW’s 552hp (560PS) M5 and Mercedes‘ 577hp (585PS) E63 AMG S.

Power comes from GM’s LT4 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that churns out 640 horsepower (477 kW) and 630 lb-ft (855 Nm) of torque, which is 10hp and 20 lb-ft (26Nm) less than the Corvette Z06.

An eight-speed automatic with paddle-shifters, launch control and Performance Algorithm Shifting, drives the rear wheels allowing the new CTS-V to reach 60mph (96km/h) in 3.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 200mph (322km/h).

Cadillac claims that the auto box “rivals the dual-clutch/semi-automatic transmissions found in many luxury performance sedans – but with the smoothness and refinement that come with a conventional automatic fitted with a torque converter”.

The CTS-V has wider front and rear tracks along with a limited-slip differential and GM’s third-generation Magnetic Ride Control and Performance Traction Management with four modes named Tour, Sport, Track and Snow.

Stopping power comes courtesy of a Brembo braking system with two-piece 15.3-inch-diameter (390 mm) front rotors with staggered six-piston calipers and 14.3-inch-diameter (365 mm) rear rotors with four-piston calipers

Furthermore, Cadillac states that torsional rigidity is improved by 25 percent over non-V models. It rides on 19-inch wheels wrapped with specially developed Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires that enable nearly 1g in lateral acceleration

As with the Corvette Z06, the new CTS-V comes with GM’s Performance Data Recorder that allows drivers to “record high-definition video, with data overlays, of their driving experiences on and off the track”.

Much like the ATS-V sedan and coupe that were introduced at the LA Auto Show last month, the CTS-V has a certain aftermarket feel on the outside, with unique elements including a carbon fiber hood with an air-extracting vent, chrome upper and lower front grilles, redesigned bumpers, front spoiler, rear diffuser and quad pipes.

There’s also an available Carbon Fiber package with a more aggressive front splitter, hood vent, rear diffuser and spoiler.

On the inside, the CTS-V gets sports seats trimmed in semi-aniline leather, with sueded microfiber inserts and seatbacks or optionally, Recaro bucket seats, different décor and a unique version of the 12.3-inch instrument panel cluster display. There are three color combinations on offer, including Jet Black, Jet Black with Light Platinum accents and Saffron with Jet Black accents.

The new CTS-V will have its world premiere at the Detroit auto show in January before it reaches U.S. showrooms in the summer.

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  • Kr17

    The best and fastest sports sedan.
    Great inside and out.

    • Craig

      Fastest? not quite. But close.

      • Kr17

        One of the fastest 🙂

      • TheRightWayJapan

        Hasn’t been officially tested so neither of you can say…
        BUT, it is more powerful and LIGHTER than both its BMW and Mercedes counterparts…
        Why are Mercedes and BMW so darn heavy if they are so well engineered. This thing is a beast power-wise and about 300-400 labs lighter than the comp. Great job, Caddy!

        • Craig

          Not officially tested yet? That’s true. But I was thinking Dodge Charger Hellcat with 707 hp and a top speed of 204 mph. Some might dismiss that as a competitor [as I’m sure Cadillac, BMW and MB will be determined to do] but only because the comparison isn’t to their benefit.

  • Nono

    From the side angle its like 07 camry

    • dumblikeyou2

      That’s good, Nono. Nownow, let’s get you your daily meds in you, k?

    • pcurve

      kind of agree. Looks amazing from front, but the side is bit bland.

  • Craig

    I would LOVE for Chrysler to bring back the Imperial. And make it the best of everything they’ve got. And have it come standard with the Hellcat HEMI. Wouldn’t that be great? Cadillac vs Imperial. Two 200+ mph American luxury sedans.

  • donald seymour

    I’m waiting to see this car in live photos, because I’m not impressed at all. I love how the ATS-V looked very restrained and refine in the live shots and I think that this is the same case. I hope they have kept the manual.

    • 911

      I wonder if they explicitly said that there will be no manual anywhere, all the articles only mention the auto box and there are just no statements about a manual. For the Charger Hellcat Dodge’s excuse was, that there’s no standard Charger model with a manual transmission and that’s why they couldn’t make it. Cadillac could go with this excuse either. Or will the manual maybe come later like on the Chevrolet SS? I highly doubt it but it would be a nice surprise.

      • donald seymour

        Yeah, there haven’t been a keen report about no manual.

  • Big_Picture

    BRUTAL. LET’S SLAUGHTER, CADILLAC. And I wasn’t even a Caddy fan two years ago. God, you won me over so hard Caddy

  • Vassilis

    What a beast. Love it. And like the previous one I prefer it to the Coupe. Also like where the headlight washers are located. Different.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I’m in love with that silver one, and it would look even better in a premium coat of white. This will look great on the street. I was one of the naysayers, a doubter of the wreath-less crest, but I think it works well on here, very clean grill mesh too. The wide grill, large brakes, and exhausts will not be mistaken for a normal CTS, a very athletic stance too.

  • okb

    now if they could make a RHD model that would be great

  • Shobin Drogan

    M3 money for M5 performance

    • traktorfaktor

      Actually more than M5 performance!

  • Guest

    ok. not bad, but that wasn’t hard for usa car makers put high horsepower engine in car, the real deal is to put that power on the ground. let’s see how it will compare with his rivals

    • dubfun

      Actually, since 2008, the CTS has been going just that very well. I would imagine that the current model will compare favorably to domestic and foreign competition.

  • That Ross Chap

    Looks so damn good – can’t wait to see one in person and even more for the new CT6. Oh and if we all beg do you think they could make a Hellcat version, because that would just be awesome…

    • NG212

      Hellcats are from Fiat Chrysler Automotive. This is from GM.

      • That Ross Chap

        God damn I knew that haha – I just got mixed up with Chrysler. Now I feel like an idiot haha

  • Kash

    I like the looks of it except for the emblem and i’m not sure what would make it look better. I like the new one without the wreath, much more on par with the Germans, but it just seems to be floating in space on the grille. it needs something to anchor it into the rest of the design of the car. I almost think if you overlapped part of it into the chrome trim at the top and let the rest hang down into the grille it’d be more soothing and pleasant on the eye, but that’s just me.

  • DRE

    GTR is that you?

    • dubfun

      Godzilla wishes he looked as good!!

  • psiqtas

    Fine sports-sedan, but I don’t lke on thing in it – it rear declid spoiler – looks bit too hideous for a car that kind.

  • TripleX

    This isn’t just car porn. This is Triple-X!

  • João Ricardo

    Love It!!!

  • Gareth Siew

    200mph+ in 640hp vs 204mph in 707hp…hmmmm…I would pick Caddy if I talk about power efficiency

  • BlackPegasus

    No four door sedan needs that kind of power. But we already know that right? This is for bragging rights, and Cadillac has the right to do so with this beast. Lets see how the automotive press will find ways to make it subpar to the German offerings.

  • NG212

    I agree the exterior looks a bit aftermarket. Still, that’s a lot of power.

  • When GM Ever Learn?

    The residual value will plummet as fast as its top speed…it’s a GM vehicle.

    • iKaizen

      As long as they don’t discount the cars as heavily as they did. A friend of mine took me to a dealership near his hometown in NJ. They were selling loaded SRX’s for almost $30K! That would kill resale value. Just hope they don’t charge more than the Germans.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Looks the business.

  • TheRightWayJapan

    Will be the best-performing car in its class hands down… and beat many much more expensive card also.
    This thing is killer!

    • TheRightWayJapan

      Almost 100 HP more than the Mercedes, more torque, and WAY LIGHTER, this Caddy will kill the comp!
      Oh, and cheaper too…

      • pattiboy

        they should put black chrome around windows

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