Ferrari Owner Resorts To Crowdfunding To Repair His Damaged 458 Speciale

Have you done your good deed for the day?

If you finished sheltering the homeless, donating blood, helping flood victims, donating money to a children’s hospital and feeding sick puppies, you could help out this guy rebuild his Ferrari.

Apparently, the man couldn’t come to terms with totaling his pride and joy and now he’s asking complete strangers to help him rebuild the thing. How? By resorting to crowdfunding.

So, if you think there’s nobody to help out there, except a man who drove a mid-engine 562 HP Ferrari over-enthusiastically on the Nurburgring and then crashed it, here’s what you need to know:

The repair-costs for the 458 Speciale are evaluated at €210,000 ($234,624) and the self-proclaimed petrolhead can’t accept that his beloved (and utterly wrecked) car is destined for the scrap-yard. So, he (and some associates) came up with this plan:

“Why don’t we give every petrolhead on this planet the opportunity to put his or her picture of choice on our almost dead beauty?”

The idea is simple; the Ferrari will be used as canvas so that anybody could pay a nominal fee of €3.99/cm2 to upload a picture on the vehicle’s hood, chassis, or bumper. Any picture can be chosen for upload and the revenue will be used to repair the beast, while transforming it into a rolling “object d’art” in the process.

If 50,000 people will be convinced to participate in this project, the repaired Ferrari will be given for an entire month to one lucky winner. For free!

A 1 in 50,000 shot do drive a Ferrari? Isn’t that exciting?

Anyway, if you contribute at the project you will be eligible for a free entrance to the Ferrari Revival Festival – whatever that is – and the opportunity for 1000+ people to see your picture every day. Upon writing this post, 16 pictures had been uploaded. Only 49985 to go!

You can check out the entire project at The Dead Ferrari.