Rare McLaren P1 GTR Looks Amazing In White & Black

McLaren’s track-only beast, the P1 GTR, is placed into the spotlights once more, as a rare example of the hypercar has ended up in Sweden.

Autoropa, a car dealership located in the Northern European country, bought the exotic machine that wears a white finish on its body contrasted by the black color on the door inserts and wheels.

The more aggressive front fascia, repositioned side mirrors, hotter-looking rear end and fixed rear wing show that this is not the road-legal version, whose production ceased after the last unit, number 375, was manufactured.

The P1 GTR also has a race-prepped suspension system, wider front track, 50kg reduced weight, polycarbonate side windows and carbon-fiber panels instead of the glass ones on the roof.

The vital numbers produced by the 3.8-liter twin-turbo petrol unit and the electric motor stand at 1,000PS (986hp), almost 100 PS (99 hp) more than the street-legal P1.

McLaren’s answer to the Ferrari FXX K is about to leave the Woking assembly line as the automaker is about to complete its production.

Images via GTBoard

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