Aston Martin Dealer Creates Limited-Edition Vantage S Blades

The V8 Vantage is a special car to begin with, but a dealer decided to make it even more so by associating it with a flight squadron.

Aston Martin Cambridge unveiled a number of renders depicting what will be a limited run of only five V8 Vantage coupes conceived and inspired after the iconic Blades aerobatic display team; specifically, the Extra EA300 planes used by the former Red Arrows pilots in their stunts.

Named the Vantage S “Blades Edition”, it comes with a unique, bespoke package conceived to pay homage to the Blades’ aircraft down to the smallest detail: there is even a propeller motif engraved on the rotary dash controls. Each car will be customized with receive a front spliter, carbon fiber air vents and orange-stitched interior with the Blades logo embroidered on the headrests.

The complete “package” includes an invitation for each owner (and three of his mates) to personally collect the car from the Blades headquarters – but not before getting to fly together with the aces and a test drive of the car on the runway.