Ferrari Reveals Handling Speciale Option For California T Customers

The Italian company has introduced the Handling Speciale pack for those seeking an even sportier driving experience from the California T.

The entry-level Ferrari can now be equipped with the optional Handling Speciale pack which includes faster gear-changes, stiffer suspension and a new exhaust system for those who want their California T to be less GT and more… Ferrari.

More specifically, the HS option adds 16% stiffer springs at the front and 19% at the rear while the adaptive dampers have now new settings which increased their speed of response to collaborate with the extra stiffness, without compromising the ride comfort too much.

Ferrari says that the California T with the HS pack is a considerably edgier driving machine from the normal model, especially when the Sport mode of the manettino is engaged. When in sport mode, the double-clutch gearbox’s new software also provides faster, more engaging up- and down-shifts.

Even the F1-Trac was revised to offer better control and grip when exiting the corners and driving on more bumpy surfaces.

Last but not least, the new exhaust system which features two primary pipes and a new geometry offers a richer, fuller soundtrack of the 560PS turbocharged 3.8-litre V8. Ferrari is keen to stress that the exhaust was co-developed with the engine and gearbox control software in order to underline the more involving driving experience.

As for the aesthetic differences, you can spot a Ferrari California T with the HS pack by the matte Grigio Ferro Met front grille and the rear diffuser finished in the same shade. A set of matt black fences and matt black tailpipes complete the revisions outside while the cabin gains the classic plaque.

The Ferrari California T Handling Speciale will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.