Golfer Ian Poulter Goes All Roman With His Ferrari 458 Speciale A

Professional golfer Ian Poulter is one of just a handful of people on earth to own all five of Ferraris iconic halo supercars.

Now he has added a Ferrari 458 Speciale A to his collection that includes an FF.

Poulter has only released a handful of pictures of the car as well as a scale model he received from the Maranello. Still, the incredible specification of the 458 Speciale A is on full display.

It sports white paint with green and red racing stripes and a number of other elements, such as the air extractors next to the headlights and the grilles on the engine cover, in the colors of the Italian flag.

The green, white and red theme continues in the cabin where one of the seats is bright green and the other is red. Obviously, he’s quite fond of the country…

The golfer and avid car collector has confirmed the car will be displayed at The Palm Beach Cavallino Classic on January 20-24.


A photo posted by Ian Poulter (@ianjamespoulter) on Jan 3, 2016 at 6:39pm PST