Japanese Tuner Aimgain Reveals Crazy Lamborghini Aventador At Tokyo

Japanese tuning companies consistently produce some of the craziest cars ever seen and every year, the Tokyo Auto Salon acts as the perfect outlet for them to be shown off.

This year has proven no different and among the highlights including a crazy gold engraved Nissan GT-R, is the Lamborghini Aventador from Aimgain. The tuner may be relatively unknown outside of Japan but its Aventador bodykit is certainly bold enough to put the company on the world map.

For starters, the modifications at the front are extensive and include a bespoke bumper incorporating massive air intakes and a lowered and widened front splitter. Moving to the sides and we find a set of lowered skirts and some tightly-spoked white and black aftermarket wheels.

As if these changes weren’t enough, Aimgain have absolutely gone to town at the rear-end by installing a towering carbon fiber wing and a bold diffuser. Strangely, the stock retractable spoiler of the Aventador has been maintained with Aimgain’s wing sitting above it thanks to a massive pair of uprights fixed to the rear fascia.

Completing the modifications is an aftermarket exhaust system and an adjustable air suspension. That means the car can sit so low that it’d scrap driving over a twig, perhaps not the most practical thing but certainly an eyebrow-raising feature.