Mitsubishi To Bring Four Customized Vehicles To Tokyo Auto Salon

The Nippon company will take the veils off four leisure-oriented, customized vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 next week.

Described by the car maker as the “world’s largest custom car festival”, the event will see Mitsubishi appeal for a comfortable camping experience and various outdoor activities with two Outlander PHEV SUVs and two Delica D:5 MPVs, paired and tailored to form two types of custom purposes; complementing different personalities and spreading fun by customization – as Mitsubishi says.

The first couple – composed of the Outlander PHEV and Delica D:5 Outdoor Gear Concepts – can be distinguished by the pearl white matte body color, accompanied by the orange painted front and rear bumpers, side elements, fog lamp bezels, and aluminum wheel trims. Apparently, these two machines were customized to shine in outdoor leisure scenes, that’s why they both come with a bike rack on the roof.

Mind you, while the Outlander sits on 20-inch aluminum wheels, the Delica rides on 16-inch alloys – wrapped in all-season tires – which together with the MPV’s body kit contributes to the vehicle’s “though” image.

The second pair of vehicles goes by “Active Camper Concept” name, and are customized to enhance the comfort and convenience of camping (the name was a giveaway, to begin with).

These two automobiles carry a matte silver hue with camo-painted bits that apparently break the monotony. This time, both models come with 20-inch rims and various visual cues completing the styling package. Still, unlike the Delica which uses a roof rack – that matches the vehicle’s style, by the way, the Outlander comes with the a roof box.