Alpine Sports Coupe Success Will Determine Addition Of Future Models

Alpine’s long-awaited lightweight sports car has just been unveiled in concept form, but it won’t be its sole model.

While speaking with Auto Express at the launch of the new Alpine Vision Concept, managing director Michael van der Sande said that as the born-again company develops, it will need a number of models.

“A bright future would be impossible without a bright past. To build a brand you can’t have one car. To build a brand you need many cars”, he explained.

While company executives, including Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn (to which Alpine belongs), refused to reveal details, the firm said that they wouldn’t see the light of day unless the impending sports car proves successful.

If that happens, then the new models will follow the same recipe of keeping weight as low as possible and making driver involvement a priority.

“Whatever the range is after, we have to stick to our DNA. So it’s lightweight, agile, a pleasure to drive and elegant”, Alpine design chief Anthony Villain said. “Whatever it is, we have to feel that. This car has to be successful – then we can play.”